I bought Joni Mitchell’s Blue album on vinyl tonight in honor of Hank & Emelie. Although my record player is in storage, I can not wait to listen to one of my new favorite albums.

This record will always remind me of driving through the Swedish countryside on a long and bumpy road.

  1. Hank
    Aug 30, 2006

    Ha ha ha!


  2. Joe
    Aug 30, 2006

    You sure know how to build memories… Just do it twice.

  3. Dave
    Aug 31, 2006

    This is an amazing album! It has been one of Manda and mines favorites since we’ve beeen together,

    Also Court and Spark by her…

  4. maddy
    Oct 03, 2006

    this album gave me guts to write songs, during my last summer in michigan. hope you found your record player.