I read the book “Dances with Wolves” in paperback twice… I saw the movie three times in the theatre and another two or three time on video.

Lets guess that I read for about an hour each night for two and half weeks (give or take)… Thirteen hours per read through twice is twenty-six hours of read time.

The Dances with Wolves movie is about three hours long… Three times in the theatre plus another three times on video is about eighteen hours…

The bottom line is that I have spent about 44 hours of my life on Dances with Wolves.

>>>>>> An Open Letter To GOD >>>>>>

Dear God,

I am really sorry about spending almost two days of the life that you have given me on the movie/book “Dances with Wolves”. I know that this is not exactly what you had in mind when you created me in your image and I understand if you do not want to talk to me anymore. My teenage brain thought that I was being “deep” at the time and that girls would like me more if I told them “facts” about native Americans that I learned from the movie.

I am not blaming you, but why did you make Kevin Costner so freaking cool? If his charisma was not so addictive, maybe I could have resisted the film the third or fourth time.





So there is this old wise tale that whenever you see a street light go out someone (from beyond) is looking out for you. I have been seeing a lot of street lights go out lately, so this had been a very comforting feeling. I usually thing about my Pepe…

Anyway, while in the shower the other day I started to think about these poor spirits before the invention of electricity and street lights.

Spitit #1:
“I am so bored”

Spitit #2:
“Yeah, me too”

Spitit #1:
“I wish that we had SOME way of telling people that we are thinking about them”

Spitit #2:
“Yeah… If only they would invent something…”

Spitit #1:
“Yeah, yeah, yeah…. Like a light on the end of a pole!!!”

Spitit #2:

Spitit #1 & Spitit #2:


I am not sure what my stance in the past has been, but I think that Thursday might be my favorite day of the week… First of all, I like saying the word “Thursday”. Secondly, I like the way that “Thursday” looks when typed. Also, it is the day before Friday and I am a big fan of Fridays


Remember running around naked after you got out of the bath when you were a kid? That was fun.

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