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Well, after numerous returns from the scavenger hunt, the winner is… Sam Stiers, of New York, NY!

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon making a song about Sam, and he has already sent me his guest entry. Tomorrow should be a great post. Be sure to check it out.



Some of the returns about my Jeep from the hunt :

“The most interesting thing about your jeep is the faux
‘oh shit’ handle on the passenger side!!”
– jj

“Wow, there’s a lot of unique things about your Jeep! But one might be that it might be the only Limited edition, wooden panelled (imitation?), red interior Jeep with the inside of the ceiling glued to make it stick…”
– Hank

“One Unique thing about the jeep is that Jack whizzed AND pooped in it the week he had surgery. Awesome.”
– Gilch

“It’s the only jeep owned by you.”
– Sam


Tomorrow night is the “Smokey Hill River Festival Jam”. It is a combination of local bands that usually STINK early in the evening and progressively get better as the night rolls by.

When I woke up this morning, I outlined what I was going to wear to the festival. I do this every year, and was relieved late last month when Ryan revealed that he does the same thing. Even guys that are as physically attractive as Ryan and I have to put a LITTLE bit of work into it… I know it LOOKS natural and effortless, but we are human after all.

T-shirt locks::
“Gorilla Warfare”
“Fogelberg 27”