I pre-ordered my copy of “Harry Potter and the half-blood prince” this morning (will arrive July 16). Since I like to “read” my books on audio CD, it was a bit expensive… But, if you think about it, 18 CDs for $50 ($2.70/disc) is a pretty good deal. The guy who reads the books, Jim Dale, has one of the most talented voices that has ever been heard. So supporting a truly talented artist, reading great material, enclosed in an attractive package is a very noble thing. Plus, it is a nice treat that makes my work time fly by. The discovery of audio CDs has changed my life.

This will be the first time that I will be reading a Potter book at the same time as Carrie, Jamie, Ryan and the rest of the world. I have been behind in the past due to the fact that I am a SLOW reader with little discipline when it comes to actually reading novels. Everyone has always been hush-hush around me for weeks after the release of another book. Who got killed, who got kissed and will Ron ever make his move were all questions hidden from me… So, it will be cool to be in the thick of the Potter madness.

On to my predictions ::
Half-Blood Prince = New character (maybe DADA teacher)
Harry will start to realize that Ginny is cute and a love triangle will start to form with Cho.
Ron and Hermione will have more than one “moment” of “love” (I guess this is obvious)
Neville will get a girlfriend (Luna maybe)
Harry’s owl will get killed
There will be no nudity or cussing, but there will be some explosions