Yesterday was the first time I have ever walked into Whole Foods by myself. As you may or may not know I am attempting a military coo against my picky eating (I am sure that this will be a lifetime of work) and I feel like I need to start making some strides… I know that the foods below are not adventurous or CRAZY, but they are a start. I feel like I need to run a mile before I can run a marathon!

Some sort of ‘natural’ cookies with less EVERYTHING! (pretty good)


I will try to remember to bring my camera tonight to take some pix of Mag and Chlo at the t-ball game.


I downloaded the New Regina Spektor album last night… 2 times through and I am LOVING it!!! She has mixed in 50% more ‘Ben Folds style’ into her music and it is WORKING!

  1. KC
    Jun 18, 2009

    Atta boy! Tasty deliciousness is coming your way.