Our ASB week continues with a bit of history, and how the game is played!

(Edited from Wikipedia) All Star Baseball is one of the most popular baseball board games of the last sixty years, and has been honored as one of the fifty most influential American board games of all time. It was manufactured by Cadaco-Ellis and designed by baseball player Ethan Allen (1904-1993)… The game first appeared in 1941. It was the best-selling baseball board game of all time.

The game board for ASB has two spinners on top of a diagram of a baseball field (see picture above)… Each circular player card is the equivalent of a pie chart that breaks up the actual percentage chance each player had of hitting a single, double, triple, homerun, walk, groundout, flyout or strikeout. The card is placed on a spinner, which is then spun. Once the spinner came to rest between two lines, the number for that section defined what happened to that batter.

The game also incorporates stolen bases, defense and many other attributes of baseball, but the spinning of the players is basically the game.

Here is an example of a player disc from the original version… Of course, Ryan, Sam and I have made multiple hundred new players for us to use outside of the discs that came with the game (DON’T JUDGE!!!).

This is what the numbers on the disc mean:

* 1 Home Run
* 2 Ground out
* 3 Fly out
* 4 Fly out
* 5 Triple
* 6 Ground out
* 7 Single
* 8 Fly out
* 9 Walk
* 10 Strikeout
* 11 Double
* 12 Ground out
* 13 Single
* 14 Fly out


Later this week we will explore the stadiums that will be used in the Classic as well as check out the schedule of events for the weekend!

  1. SS
    Feb 10, 2009

    Are there any numbers prettier than a 1 and a 9. GO ‘CATS!