I am excited about “Art Wednesday” this week because I have been totally obsessed with my usual favorite three artists (Picasso, Magritte, Calder). In fact I should be receiving a new book about Picasso today (pictured).

Sometimes I feel like I am attempting to make up for all of the lost time in my life, when Art (fine art) was a foreign language. You see, for a poor midwestern boy such as myself, there was not a lot of this stuff floating around on a daily basis (or maybe my eyes were closed… I don’t know which). I guess that is why it took me such a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life… The language of my life was not revealed to me yet.

It is easy to let the insecurities of my personality shoot through on this subject of “art” and remind myself that I am not as educated as I should be, that I am not as “deep” as I should be and that there have been a lot of people who have been looking at this stuff their whole lives. But you know what, that is all bullshit. I love feeling that way, because it tells me that I am doing what I was meant to be doing. The combination of those negative things are a positive driving force for my creative life and beautiful in their divisiveness… If I did not feel that way, I think that it would be a sure fire sign that I am not doing the right thing with my life…

Alright, Picasso is really spectacular. I am sure that on some Wednesday in the future, I will go on a HUGE rant about him (here is a small rant)… His use of shape and line are so unbelievably right on. Check out the curvature of the mouth/cheek line and compare it to the straight line of the nose (and the thickness of the stroke). I find this contrasting relationship amazingly interesting because the concept is used on a regular basis in graphic design. For reasons like this, Picasso was as much a graphic designer as he was a fine artist.

Now, compare those two lines to the striped “wallpaper” in the background and you will start to see another amazing graphical comparison. Picasso is now playing a game with your eyes. He knew that this subtle use of line would draw interest to the nose of this portrait (no doubt the subjects most pronounced feature), and engage the reader in a conversation with the piece.


I wanted to drop a link to the company that I ordered the Picasso book from. Taschen is one of the coolest book companies that I have seen. I am sure that “hard core” painters and artist hate them (they hate everything), but you can not beat the quality of these little books. They are beautiful, full color books featuring the most famous works from the artist specified… And they only cost $10.00. What a great price. The Magritte one is AWESOME.


Speaking of art. Jacquie, Emelie and Hank… You are all amazing works of art… Have a safe trip home.