This wedding situation is getting pretty serious. Looking forward to the reception, but the work in the mean time is driving me mad.


Happy Birthday Frank. I hope you like your grill.


Found out that I might be able to play in the Salina Falcons Alumni Baseball game in a few weeks… That would be awesome. I think that Chris and I would have to go to the batting cages to practice up. Sweet.


Excited to see Sam & Misty. We are going to party down.


I ate at the most overrated restaurant in Salina today, La Casita. it is good enough, but not worth the freak-out that people have over it.

  1. Jamie
    May 19, 2006

    Dear Joe,
    PLEEEASE play in the Salina Falcons Alumni Baseball Game.


    ps-La Casita seems overrated because you don’t eat anything good there. But I like you anyway.