So I was getting out of my car this afternoon and there was this topless guy walking his dogs. He noticed that I had a book case and several other boxes in my car and proceeded to ask me about moving in, the neighborhood and introduced himself… After crossing the street to shake my hand, and telling me about his dogs, were he lived and looking at me funny for several minutes I started to realize that he was lingering for several additional moments for what I can only assume would be the yearning for additional conversation.

This would be the moment that I noticed my shirtless friend had duel nipple piercings, a clean shaved chest and a rainbow striped dog leash… Through the gift of my stunning intellect I could now deduce that he was more than likely homosexual… So after talking with him for some time, I started bringing the book case up the stairs…

There are several explanations for the interest from this nice gentlemen… The first is that he is a nice neighbor and wanted to develop a sense of community with his fellow neighbors… The other of course is that he was hitting on me. Now, I am not arrogant enough to think that every homosexual man that I meet is hitting on me, but this guy seemed to go pretty far out of his way to speak with me… Think what you want.

I guess when you wake up in the morning and decide to wear a t-shirt with the phrase “Hot Rods” in rainbow colors across the front, you have to play the cards that are dealt.


The garage sale went pretty good. Got a desk, book shelf and some glow in the dark stickers of ghosts… No records, action figures, or old Mac’s… Booooooo…


Went to the plaza to eat dinner this evening. The walk there was pleasant and the food was great… I think that this section of KC might be one of the most charming man made places on the planet.


Downloaded some Doc Watson bluegrass music tonight… Love it.