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New (to me) music:

Wheepies – The new album, “Hideaway” is a really nice extension of their past stuff… I know people seem to like it when artists “reinvent” their sounds, but I kind of hate it. The phrase “it sounds like all their other stuff” is music to my ears! I love “extensions” not “reinventions”.

Jack Johnson – The new album “Sleep through…” is really good… The really catchy stuff is very subtle and he is using more instruments to make his sound a bit more full. If you like his previous stuff you will enjoy this.

Mutemath – A bit more rocking/modern version of the Police. Like the song “Chaos”.

Jason Mraz – I feel like he is a nice mixture of Jamie Cullom and Jack Johnson… Be careful, his shit is catchy.

Angels & Airwaves – A poor man’s U2 and Coldplay… Not overly wild about them.

Snow Patrol – I am wild for their “Eyes Open” album… “Final Straw” is a nice album, but has a few throw away songs that “Open” did not have. I would still give it a listen or two if I were you.

Tarkio – I really like the Decemberists so I guess it is only natural that I would like Tarkio since they share the same lead singer… I feel that the first few songs on “I guess I was Hoping” are the way I want the entire album to sound. There seems to be a weird split in the song style.

Death Cab for Cutie – I have listened to “Narrow Stairs” about 3 times in the last two days and LOVE IT. They seem to have taken the musical accessibility from “Plans” and transplanted it with a hint of the Wilco albums… I always really like the percussion on the Death Cab albums… Please give this a try, I have a feeling that it is going to join Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” on my list of albums that I like to create to.

Keane – This band reminds me of The Cure in several moments on their “Hopes and Fears” album… I love the lyrics on “Somewhere only we know”.

Frou Frou – Recognized them from the “Garden State” soundtrack… I really enjoy the first four or five songs on their “Details” album.

Duffy – this is going to sound weird to a few of you, but I am not really wild over this album. On the surface I seems like something that I could totally be into, but it is really not kicking me in the ass.

Dispatch – They have a song called “The General” that pops on Pandora all the time (not terrible)… I thought I would give them a try. I will save you the time… Very predictable. Very ‘something I could hear at the local bar’.

Missy Higgins – Did I mention how good her “Sound of White” album is? I hope so. It’s great!

Old Crow Medicine Show – Bluegrass is amazing, and OCMS is AMAZING! “Big Iron World” is a fun album.

O.A.R. – “34th & 8th” is a pretty fun album. I need a few more listens, but I am groovin’ so far.

The Ka’au Crater Boys – Ryan’s worst nightmare music… Cover tunes (think Brown Eyed Girl) done with an island/Jamaican feel… kind of fun summer music.

I am getting excited for the new Coldplay album. I know that “X&Y” was the most overplayed album of all time, but I honestly really love it and still listen to it… I don’t c are if that makes me a musical idiot.



Do I live in a freaking rain forest? How and the HELL is is raining so much? … EVERYDAY it a new severe thunderstorm or tornado or flood or some other shit warning or watch. I am not sure what KC did to piss off mother nature, but I wish she would stop already.


I bought a new pillow last night at Target… It was fun laying on the department store floor and trying it out.

  1. Lance
    Jun 09, 2008

    If you haven’t already, you should check out Jack Johnson’s “Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies” for the Film Curious George. Jay gave it to me a couple weeks ago. Really fun stuff!

  2. Maddy
    Jun 18, 2008

    The Dodos! Check out their album called “The Visiter”. Coolest duo around.