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Well, the ball has finally dropped at work. I have given my notice… It seems that they are not going to fire me, although I am sure that if they could they would.

A HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders with this breaking news in my life. The entire exchange has been relatively painless, so I guess that all of the stress that I have put upon myself has really paid off… It has felt like I have been living a lie and being dishonest with them (both are true I guess). This has broken my heart everyday for the time that I have know that we are leaving.

On the bright side, I feel invigorated that the monotony of life in Florida is almost over… I had the thought that I will frame a single fallen fall leaf upon my return to the Midwest. This will be the trophy that I reward myself for enduring the hell of two years of eternal summer.


In the theme of posting song lyrics from my morning run:

“Maybe you get what you wanted
Maybe you stumbled upon it
Everything you ever wanted
In a permanent state”



Jamie, try to stay awake. Yo Joe!!!

  1. jamie
    Apr 25, 2006

    One season is not natural…you forget what time of the year it is and suddenly, six months have passed.

    I was started to watch those clips but then I…zzzzzzz