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Animated Christmas shows
I am sure I forgot something, but I can’t think of it right now…

1. Grinch
2. Rudolph
3. Mickey’s Christmas Carol
4. Frosty
5. Charlie Brown
6. *Nightmare Before Christmas
7. Twas the Night Before Christmas
8. Muppet Christmas Carol
9. Frosty Returns
10. Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas

* Best animated film of all time, but not the best PURE Christmas show.

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Dec 03, 2005

    Joe, Joe, Joe.

    Nightmare? Best of all time?

    I offer up Iron Giant as hands down the greatest. Beautiful hand animated, excllent story . . .

    Of course, Sam has issue with this and mentions “Transformers ” . . . .

  2. Joe
    Dec 03, 2005

    Check July 27th for my top four… You would LOVE Princess Mononoke.

  3. Sweet Sammy
    Dec 04, 2005

    it’s misty (I wroe the first one as well – didnt’ realize it logged me in as Sam)

    And I DO love Proncess Monoke! I actually watched it with Johnson in St. Louis when it came out in the theaters. I had forgotten it – tho I stand by Iron Giant. I just love it too too much.

  4. Sweet Sammy
    Dec 05, 2005

    This is the REAL Sweet Sammy… and “Transformers: the Movie” people… it’s more than meets the eye!