Anyone else sick of people taking the word “October” and substituting a word in for the “Oc”?

– “ROCKtober”
– “SHOCKtober”
– “ACTober”

Open message to the world: IT’S NOT ORIGINAL ANYMORE!!!

What’s next?
– “CRACKtober” (for the plumbers and the people living across the street)
– “SMACKtober” (for wife-beaters and wrestling fans… I guess that’s the same thing)
– “TICK-TOCKtober” (for the clock enthusiasts)
– “MOCKtober” (for Sam)
– “WIND SOCKtober” (love wind socks? there is a month for you)
– “BANGKOKtober” (for fans of the musical “Chess”)
– “CINDER BLOCKtober” (for construction workers)
– “IRAQtober” (Republicans?)

and my favorite…
– “COCKtober” (use your imagination)


It has been over a year since this entry… I have not spent any significant amount of time on “Dances with Wolves” since… Thank you Lord for giving me the strength!!!

  1. Hank
    Oct 15, 2007

    Tick-Tocktober! It’s just too good! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahh.

  2. Jamie
    Oct 15, 2007

    You forgot BARACKtober!

    Obama ’08!