– I had my 35th Birthday
– Roger Sterling (a 2008 Toyota Tacoma truck) is now sleeping with Wendy (our Civic)
– I have had 2 vacations
– – Boston/Cape Cod
– – Virginia
– I have built a workout room in the garage
– I went to a public pool for the first time since I wizzed in one when I was a kid
– Work has gotten a bit stressful
– Went to a soccer game (if you know me, you know that is abnormal)
– I got a kegorator and built a kind-of-cool cabinet for it
– Jenny’s parents are moving out of state
– Her grandma has moved into an old-folks home
– Cap bought a house
– Jam & Ry are REALLY busy
– I have had fairly regular freelance work
– I ride my bike to work frequently
– Jenny made some DELICIOUS banana bread
– I have had a REALLY hard time finding music to get “into”. Regina Spektor, Coldplay, Andrew Bird and Missy Higgins have taken their best shot, but I keep falling back to Kraftwerk, Sarah Jarosz, The Shins and (OUT OF NOWHERE) Billy Joel
– Toured Kauffmann Stadium
– Am figuring out Twitter (@josephhagen)
– Ron Santo is in the HOF
– Been to Dollywood, Fenway, a Neil Diamond concert, and brought Murphy on a 12 hour car trip
– Got a hand-me-down vintage pipe
– Have watched ALL of Breaking Bad… GREAT SHOW.
– Received about 231 shovels, rakes and misc yard equipment from Jay and Noell
– Redesigned the Cadaco All-Star Baseball website a couple of times
– Have been enjoying the Olympics
– Have tried to stay away from the venom of politics
– A bunch of other crap happened too 🙂