Mr. Met

What can I say, I’m honored to have won the REAL Amazing Race.

I’m three parting this post… if you don’t like it, too bad, I’m the guy who won… suckas!

First, thanks to Joe Hagen, my cousin, the small kid with the curly hair who’d get pissed when I played with his GI Joes. The guy who really introduced me to the brilliance of baseball has again brought us all a bit closer to GOD with his blog. It’s brought the world the wisdom of Uncle Banjo, the serenity of Art Wednesday and broke the musical stylings of Challey, girl genius. I thank you for us all Joe, blog on!

Secondly, a rant, because I enjoy such things. While I could rant on politics, religion, the environment or over-population/my desire for a REAL pandemic, I will instead tackle a more pressing issue… why the hell do concessions, mainly beer, have to cost so damn much at baseball games! Ok, so you don’t want people drunk ALL the time, throw me a bone, I’m just trying to have a cold one with my friends. Make it a limit of 4 per person or something, but lower the prices. Furthermore, is a hotdog really worth $4.50? I mean, you paid 15 cents for it MAYBE. Gimmie some deals, let me take my wife and buy her a burger, knish (NYC treat) and a drink for $7-$8, not $15. Sigh, baseball, I look to you for so many things, why forsake me on this. I know Glass made $40 Million PLUS last year, the Mets made three times that, can you help a white brutha out? Just this once? I’m begging… Oh, you’re too good for that, you’ll find a man that’ll buy you pretty things… well SCREW YOU BITCH, walk out that door I’ll take my money to the N F L… no, wait, I didn’t mean that… come back baby I looooooove you. But seriously, you’re paying for your next boob job.

Finally, I give you these links for your enjoyment…

Belated salute to those who fought on D-Day – And to all those like my grandfathers who helped lay a beatdown on the Nazis! Stupid Nazis.
America the Beautiful – keep it clean people
Bill Shatner – The real Rocketman
Whack a nerd – Sound is a must, highly addictive
What I’D do with all that junk – all that junk inside my trunk
Reason #23 why I’ll never live in Alabama

PS, my wife’s hot and I love her… and now your moment of sweetness


JOE SAYS : Here is the song that I wrote for Sam. Chally, Carrie and Janette all did some voice work in the song… I hope you like it Sammy. Click Here. CONGRATS on winning the scavenger hunt… Good luck next year as well.

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Jun 08, 2006

    OMG, that is the greatest song… EVER! Brilliant Joe, give my thanks and big hugs to they three lovely ladies that helped you out… I’m still laughing, the GI Joe hovercraft line killed me. haha.

  2. Joe
    Jun 08, 2006

    Sammy, You have got some BLOGging skillz. I love the links.

    Glad you liked the song… It was funny getting Chally to say “He wet the bed” even though I know that you were not the bed wetter of the group.

  3. cgilch
    Jun 08, 2006

    Sam, maybe you should NEVER get your own blog , but simply be a guest artist on all of ours? Once a week? Hmm…brillant.