So Friday morning I went to the Nelson-Atkins… The park was completely empty with the exception of me. I started to think what I would do if I were the only person on the planet. I thought about how lonely it would be and how quiet things would be… It is nice to feel a calm in the middle of a busy city around you.



The most embarrassing moment of my life came in the seventh grade. I had reading class first period. Mrs. Beams had placed us into our “sustained silent reading” groups to take in a couple of chapters of “The Outsiders”. After several minutes of being bored out of my mind, the fact that I had a gassy feeling developing in my stomach approached my mind… After several additional minutes, the fact that I had to release this gas was apparent.

After squirming in my chair for most of the class I realized that I might just make it to the break… I was wrong. About one minute before the silence was to be broken I accidentally made a sudden movement and before I could stop myself, it slipped out. I wish that I could say that it was silent, but I can’t. I wish that I could say that my friends did not laugh uncontrollably out loud, but I can’t. I wish that I had the ability to keep my face from turning red, but I couldn’t. And I wish that I could have thought of a better cover-up than “my shoes rubbed together and made the noise”, but I couldn’t.

How I was not known as “fart-boy” for the remainder of middle school I will never know… I think that they actually thought I was cool for “lettin’ one rip” during the most silent part of the day…

“Fart” facts



Christer Fuglesang is going to be the first Swede in space. He is going up in Discovery.


So my foot started hurting so bad on my run today that I had to walk most of the time… This sucks. I had to come home and Ice the damn thing all day.

Oh yeah, the art that was installed in the park is not my favorite… Really cutesy stuff with hearts and cartoon figures. Reminiscent of “Precious Moments” figurines.


A list of all of the places that I have lived:
Quincy St.
Queens Rd.
Cloud Dorms
Windsor Apartments
Jayhawk Mobile Home Court
Arkansas St. Apartment
Agatite St.
Melrose Rd.
Southport Rd.
1136 NE 17th Way
1117 NE 17th Way
West 38th Street


Got the book “Wicked” from the library the other day. Getting ready to start it… people have told me that it is no good.


Ryan game me some music suggestions on Friday… I have been busy listening.

Some of stuff I am most excited about is:

Golden Smog
Mike Viola
Ray LaMontagne
The Postal Service
Yo La Tengo

He also turned me on to a couple of “Death Cab For Cutie” albums that I had not heard.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!!! If I were a fish I would swim in an extra circle for you.

  1. Jamie
    Oct 09, 2006

    Oh, farts. They get you every time.

  2. Misty
    Oct 10, 2006

    Wicked: Musical=bad, book = good (i think)

    If you like the musical and read the book I imagine you’ll hate the book. But I read the book first and really liked it . . . though it was years ago . . .

    Let me know what you think when you’re done!