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My Grandpa (Pepe) painted this on October 1, 1971… I remember laying on the carpet as a kid and starring up at it perched on the wall of my parents house… This is my most favorite piece of art on the planet and from it I learned that a strong, intelligent man could also crate somthing simple, beautiful and sensitive… It has become a symbol of everything that I am striving to become.

This is now on my arm… I think that it is a pretty good interpretation.

I hope you think that it is “boss”.


I also replaced the battery in my iPod… I am so freaking handy to have around.

  1. Misty
    Jul 31, 2007


  2. Sweet Sammy
    Jul 31, 2007

    Hugo Boss!

  3. em
    Aug 02, 2007

    Dude! Did you really get a tat! If so, welcome to the club buddy!

  4. shannondg
    Aug 03, 2007

    love the BOSSanova tattoo–nicely done.