In days of old, when times were cold, and knights went to their castles, what did they do without talk radio? I have to admit, I listen to a shit ton of “talking heads”. What a great way to blow off some steam and stay up-to-date with the times. There is nothing better than listening to someone HAMMER our dumb-ass president, or hearing about what big deal the Cubs might be making before the trade deadline. It’s just plain fun and comforting to hear other people’s voices during that drive to work. Just the other day for example, I listened to a guy who could fart the “Star Spangled Banner”, heard two COMPLETELY different takes on Bush’s speech, and heard that the Cubs might trade for Preston Wilson from the Rockies. WOW… Point made.

With my love for this medium of communication, I do see the downfalls. One of the most important things to do is to listen to a lot of different types of talkers (especially with politics). This way, you can take all of their biased opinions and sister it with the BBC news (and some American “news”) to develop your own opinions. I think this is were most people get tainted by talk radio. They listen to the same biased opinions everyday and start to “drink the Koolaide”. For every “Ed Schultz Show”, you need to listen to one “Savage Nation” (that guy makes me vomit a little bit inside my mouth, but I try to listen). The point is, people need to be exposed to all kinds of different opinions in able to talk intelligently about something, but thats all it is, OPINIONS. These people are entertainers, NOT THE NEWS.

A rant for another time: How can “news” be called “news” when it is delivered in a biased way? FOX NEWS, could you answer that question? At least these “Talking Heads” are up front with what their agendas are… My parents think that FOX shit is REAL NEWS. Throw America a bone here.