I would like my life back. Please universe, I am sick of all the endless waiting that is built into my life. I am going to sue for that time back. These are the “prime” years of my life, and it seems like all I do is wait… and wait… and wait. WTF. I wait at the bank, grocery store, at the restaurant, at the stoplight. I wait for my show to come back on, I wait for the end of the day to come, I wait in traffic and I can’t wait to get home. I am sick of waiting for someone to solve this problem.

You tell me, “Joe, there has been a population explosion. There are to many people on the Earth to serve the masses.” Bullshit… If there are more people on the planet, HIRE some to help destroy my wait time. In GWB’s america there is plenty of unemployment. The more people you don’t make wait, the happier they will be… the more money they will spend.

Why do a lot of retail businesses close at 5:00 or 5:30??? I tried to go to Mail Boxes Etc yesterday to mail some stuff. By the time I got home from work, took a wizz, picked up the packages and was out the door… They were closed. Am I incorrectly assuming that MOST people are at work during the day, so therefore would need the services of mailing something until 7:00 or 7:30? WASTED TIME.

I also tried to go to the Currency Exchange to get a Notary to sign something for my car… Had to wait in line for a long time. By the time I got to the front of the line, the woman informed me that she could not help me. MORE WASTED TIME.

Went to Bank Atlantic down the street to use their notary… I thought I was safe with them because their motto is: “Florida’s most convenient bank” and they have a marketing message in the form of a sign on the front door saying, “Yeah, we’re open.” I bet it was pretty funny for their security cameras when I walked face first into their locked automatic door at 6:15… Closed at 5:30? That is “CONVENIENT?” Message to Bank Atlantic, GET A MARKETING MESSAGE THAT FITS. I don’t care what other banks hours are. You can do better.

Man, I am a real dick today. I couldn’t WAIT to vent.


78 is back tomorrow. My last night without her will consist of cleaning and other activities to display that I am NOT a train wreck without her. The sheets will be washed, the rugs cleaned and litter box deskanked.

  1. CC
    Aug 09, 2005

    wait no more. i am on my way.

  2. Hank
    Aug 09, 2005

    A couple of days ago a friens and I went to a store. He bought some stuff while I was deciding on wich icecream I should get. What happens is that I end up behind this old geezer who’s gonna buy a loaf (?) of ciggarettes and some other stuff. Thats not bad you may think…What’s Hank’s problem? Well, he wanted to pay with coins. That is, he wanted to pay more than 900 kronor in coins! The place only had one employee at the time so I had to wait (as did all the others behind me, who were actually in a hurry to catch their trains). Well, anyway, after I finally got to pay (I replaced the icecream) end we got to drive away Robert, the guy I was with, turns to me and says: “I don’t think I have ever seen anywone with such bad luck as you.” Apparently he had been giving some time to thinking of how unlucky he thought I was, and how I always seemed to end up in that kin dof situations as I just did. That freaked me out! And the more I think of it the more it disturbs me. What I’m partly is trying to say (and why I wrote it down here under your entry, Joe) is that it struck me. What if it’s true. What if I have bad luck. What if I waste my hole life standing in line behind some, any, guy that just stalls me? That sucks! Anyway, I dont think that I am particularly unlucky, but I guess things like that has happened that often that I’ve worked up a good patience as defence to it. Wasted time can be really good time, creative time, were one can observe and get ideas. Whan it comes to me I’m sure that there is nobody, not any guy before me in line, or nothing like a red light (even though red lights pisses me of) taht wastes my time more than i do myself. Sorry for the long entry, I guess I needed to vent too.

  3. Joe
    Aug 09, 2005

    Hank, I think that most people feel like they are the most unluck person in the world at one point or the other. I myself think this on a daily basis.

    I think that where the balance comes in is when you factor in the luck that I (we) have had on the BIG things in life. I have a great family, AMAZING wife and great friends. I also enjoy my job most of the time. I like to think of these things when something unlucky (like clogging a toilet) happens to me. Then I know how lucky I truly am.