With a great deal of consideration and planning, the scavenger hunt prize has been selected. I have decided that in addition to a guest entry on Thursday (the first ever) to the BLOG, I will write a short song about the winner and post it to the site.

You will have 10 stops along the way (most of them on my BLOG), and the posting of the clues will begin at 10:00 am tomorrow morning, so you will be able to start around 10:10-10:20 am.

The first person to get through the clues will win the prize.

Please participate, it will make me feel good.

Good night and good luck.


Swedish Bikini

I am getting excited to get to Sweden and see all of the amazingly HOT people over there. Check out the Swedish Bikini Team site… It might be the worst site I have ever seen.


Life is going at an awesome pace… Work in the mornings and play in the afternoon and into the evenings.

I have placed a make shift office on the kitchen table at Janette and Frank’s house. They have done an amazing job of making 78 and I comfortable and un-bored.