SA round 1

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Holy crap I had a CRAZY weekend in Salina… This is going to take a couple of posts (maybe three). Tomorrow some video and maybe a pix or two.

Things I got at Karen’s garage sale:

– – “Lidsville” Lunch box (Pictured below)
– – A Kwik Shop “Big Squeeze”
– – Two plastic boot glasses
– – Dan Fogelberg’s Greatest Hits on cassette
– – Kokomo Soundtrack on cassette



Round one of The Kansas City Baseball League Playoffs is tonight!

Boilers (Capn’) vs. Crawdads (Ry)

Winner meets the Owls next week.

  1. Capn
    May 12, 2008

    Why is that dude in the flying hat zapping that lady’s ass? That’s the first of many questions I have regarding LiDSViLLE.

  2. SS
    May 12, 2008

    Wow, Lidsville is crazy.

    “The land of living hats, that’s Lidsvillllle” hahaha.

    Beware the wrath of Alan Trammel, scorned by the voters, he has something to prove. My guess is he goes off and leads the Crawdads to victory as he tears up Cy Young winner Robin Roberts. Look forward to the update.