Who do you like more?


By the way, I am a bit pissed that I have received no comments on how cute Chloe is from the video (below)… What is wrong with you people? One of the cutest kids on the planet singing Christmas songs does not bring any joy to your heart? … WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I hope the spirit of Christmas warms your chilled hearts!

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Dec 21, 2006

    I am shamed… thou in my defense, it’s like saying the sky is blue. Everyone KNOWS that girl is cute. All Hagen babies turn out cute. With the exception of me, I had this huge head as a kid. “HEEED, SIT DOWN”

    Anyway, Rudolph is the better show. Sam the Snowman is better than Frosty, so how can Frosty beat Rudolph?!?! But, if you’re talking straight up characters, then Frosty wins. Rudolph was a bit whiney. I’d rather hang with Frosty, he seems fun.