So I woke up today inspired to return my grill back to its former glory… Halfway between being awake and asleep I had the idea that I could replace the broken part (the hose that connects the burner to the tank). I bolted out of bed and began the task of the restoration.

To save you from the boring story I will tell you that the MISSION WAS ACCOMPLISHED. I have a new hose, cooking surface and tank… As I was eating a delicious cheddar brat fresh off the grill, the “Rocky” theme song started playing in my head. Mmmmmmmmmmm….

First entry about the grill

Funny story about the grill



“Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome” might literally be the worst movie that I have ever seen. I am not kidding, this movie is ABSOLUTE SHIT!

“Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid” is a pretty good film. It was not exactly what I thought it would be, but it was a nice enough way to spend an hour and forty five minutes.

“The Natural” was my afternoon treat. This is my favorite baseball movie of all time. I will never not get emotional at the end of this masterpiece… Nothing captures all of the good things about baseball like “The Natural”.

“Field of Dreams” is on tap for tomorrow morning/afternoon… I LOVE THIS MOVIE!


So I went to Half of Half Price Books and Records and bought Steely Dan’s “Aja” record with the 40% coupon that I received in the mail. I am listening to it right now and I am ready to say that it might be the best $1.50 that I have ever spent… Tomorrow I go after the big stuff with my 50% off coupon; art books beware!

  1. em
    Apr 01, 2007

    there is one movie you are missing on this list…For Love of the Game! That’s a fantastic movie Jeff is Kevin Costner in this movie.