When I was in high school this girl broke up with me…

I thought, as most teenagers do, that my life was over… The day after it happened, my Mom had tickets to a concert at the Bicentennial Center (a small convention center in my home town).

I did not go due to extreme teenage depression. I could tell that she was sad about my not going and it was something that she was looking forward to going to with me… She went to the show alone and I stayed at home by myself and stared at the wall in my bedroom.

She came home and told me how much fun she had and how I should have gone with her… I already knew that I should have gone with her. I knew it the moment that her car pulled out of the driveway and she was gone.

Why didn’t I go? I was such a dick. Why did I do shit like that?

Hmmmmmm… I have a hypothesis… I think that there was a chance that at the age of thirteen I was taken hostage by a small band of Republican Kansas Aborigines (the worst kind) and forced to learn the ways of being a world class dick. They beat me every time I tried to be considerate of other peoples feelings and taught me to think singularly of myself…. Wait a minute, it is all coming back to me… I remember a dark room. I remember being tortured. I remember saying to them, “I want to go to a concert with my Mom!!!”… and I remember getting 30 lashes for saying it…

As you can see it was not my fault I was such a Jerk.


Watched the season opener of “Lost” last night. It was fun to watch TV since I have not done this in a while… The episode was OK and actually kind of poor for a season opener. I have not given up on the show, but I am getting a bit tired of the never ending plot lines and the refusal to resolve much of anything.

I think that Beverly Hills 90210 was a great show for this reason… In the first show of the season the characters would pair off for romance, decide who they would hate, and possibly adopt a drug habit… Good drama… In the finale they would break up, make up and kick the habit… Same cycle would start the next season.


It got so cold last night while sitting on the deck that I had to pull out gloves, my heavy vest and a scarf… Oh yeah, the kids playing in their front yard were wearing shot sleeves and t-shirts, as was just about everybody else I saw… It was GREAT!


The good people of Kansas City are installing some sort of new art were I run everyday. It is covered by a tarp so I am not sure what it is going to be… I am so excited to see what it could be.

For some reason they have colored the water in the fountain pink, not sure if that has something to do with it.


I downloaded Google Earth last night… IT IS UNBELIEVABLE… I checked out Chicago, Kansas City, Salina, Sweden, Australia and Italy… If you have not downloaded it, you have to do it now.

  1. em
    Oct 06, 2006

    Pink would be for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – keep checking those boobies!