When we took that trip to Montana?
When we played baseball all summer long with Matt & Wade Porter?
When I blew up that BBQ sauce packet all over you?
When we played ASB all night?
When we moved across the country?
When you came over for New Years?
When we were drunk and talked about collecting toys?
When we stood and looked over Stockolm after eating Swedish meatballs?
When I stayed at your house because my cat was sick?
When we got drunk together?
When you gave birth to me?
When you taught me everything?
When you taught me to be a man?
When we went to the beach and played frisbee?
When we sat outside and smoked cigars and drank whiskey?
When we talked all day, but did not say a word?
When we watched old 8mm movies all day?
When you sat on my lap and purred?
When I went to your wedding?
When I picked you up and spun you around as fast as I could?

I Remember.


Went to dinner tonight with the girls… Chloe decided that a photo shoot with Uncle Joe would be a good idea. Here is the result:


Let me know if you do not have a Gmail account and want one. I have 99 invites and want to spread the word on the best free email on the web.

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Mar 28, 2007

    It’s also good to know you still remember the destruction of a certain GI JOE Hovercraft… ha. COOOOOBRA!

    We should get some beers and watch Montana video! That fire lightsaber battle was EPIC.

  2. jamie
    Mar 28, 2007

    That made me tear up…so many of my favorite memories have you in them.