So apparently, the Friday night before the first Chiefs game of the season, Westport has a big celebration and art festival called “Red Friday”. This seemed like a good reason to hit the town for the first time in KC… So we walked down to the charming area of Westport and decided to have a few beers… The rest is history.


Uncle Banjo has told me that there has been some demand for more wedding pictures… Here is some pictures of my friend Crazy Dave at the wedding… He drank a lot that night.

Dave throwing up in the toilet.

Dave throwing up in the trash can.

Dave throwing up on the cake.

Dave throwing up in his beer.

Dave throwing up on Lance.

Dave throwing up on a redhead.

Dave throwing up on a pizza.

  1. mistybell
    Sep 09, 2006

    This is Sam, signed in as Misty… great Dave pics!

    Ah Westport and the Chefs, two of my favorite things. Might I reccomend Harlings, great pub. Anyway, GO CHIEFS! Nathan, Maddie, Misty, Paul Rudd and some other fans and I will all be cheering them on at McCoys. We’ll raise one to you guys as well.