So I am mostly recovered from the Christmas of illness… Throat, sinus, left eye exploding with snot, and an ear infection (ongoing)… Basically, everything from the neck up was fucked-up.


Places/activities that would have been better than work today:

– Iraq
– The Everglades at night
– Nude spooning with the Devil
– Watching any Whoopi Goldberg movie
– A salad eating convention

P.S. – The execs at my company can suck it… You bastards all take the day after Christmas off but make the rest of the company come in… YOU SUCK!


I am cooking up some plans for New Years… Now all I need is friends!


So this is always the time of year when I am not so much into the blogging thing. Not sure why, I just seem to lack the energy it takes… Hmmmmmm…

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Dec 27, 2007

    Come to NYC!!!! New Years is always good times here. Glad you’re feeling better.