Sometimes I go to the bathroom for free… But most of the time, On-Card pays me real money (in an indirect way) for going to the bathroom. They pay for the toilet paper, paper towels, and soap… Hell, they even pay someone to come and clean the bathroom… What a great situation. This is why I try to plan all extended bathroom breaks (#2) for work time hours. In fact, I have my body on a sort of schedule where I never have to hit the bathroom during breaks or lunchtime. It’s not that I like to rip them off or anything, I just think it is kind of a cool idea… Sometimes while sitting there, I think about this concept and crack a half smile.

I have been pretty lucky during my working life to have really nice bathrooms. In fact, I have never had a “public” bathroom situation… You know, the bathrooms with stalls. I hate those things. They just seem dirty to me… This is why I could never be a woman.

I wonder how much money I will make over the course of my lifetime for going #2 at work?

  1. Hank
    Sep 13, 2005


    Keep up the good work. I think that you’re worth a couple of bucks going to the bathroom. You have to go to theirs, so of course they should pay you.

    I would considering taking naps as well.