A few nights ago I decided to do some coloring… I brought my “Charlie Brown Christmas” coloring book outside, and dumped the box of markers out onto the table in front of my apartment … As the song “Oh Christmas Tree” began to play in my empty apartment, I came across a page in the book with a giant Christmas tree… After thanking fate for deciding what picture I should color, I began the process of mapping out in my mind what the finished product should look like.

As the song began and ended on my stereo I felt myself thinking of all of the times that I had heard this song… Singing it in music class at Sacred Heart kindergarten… Singing it on the way home from Church on Christmas Eve and praying to hear it on the radio on a long drive to see my Grandparents on Christmas day. I guess that this is what I love about Christmas music. It can carry me back to places that I have forgotten and wish to go to again.

With “Joy to the World” (my favorite Christmas Carol) playing over my left ear, I finished my work of art and began to debate what I should do with it… I thought “maybe on my car, people might like it on my car… Maybe I will put it in the window… Maybe at work.” After convincing myself that not enough Christmas cheer would be spread in those places, I decided to place my visual representation of “Oh Christmas Tree” on an old wooden light pole in front of my house. This way people can see it in the day or night… There is no stopping how much holiday good-will this picture can spread.

Anyway, I feel really good about the decision and if nothing else, I feel that my holiday season has been enhanced simply by seeing it still posted several days later… I recommend it… If you do it, send me a picture and I will post it to spread the holiday light pole message for all to share in.


I will place my picture tomorrow.