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I love to rediscover fun things from my past… Yesterday I woke up and decided to go through some of my old CD-ROMS just to see what I had backed up on them. On one of these discs I found an original Nintendo (NES) emulator. For those of you who do not know what an “emulator” is, it is a application that I can install on my Mac to make it think that it is something else… So when I run this program, my mac thinks that it is an original Nintendo gaming system. Pretty cool. Here is a link to check and see it your computer can run one of these emulators. Click here.

Needless to say, Ryan and I had a fun time playing “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”, “Baseball Stars” and “Super Mario Brothers.” It is amazing how all of the tricks to playing these games never really leaves your head. I can still beat most of the opponents on “Punch-Out”, and “Super Mario Bros” was no problem (with warping).

The memories that come back to you while playing these games are the best part. I remember playing “Super Tecmo Bowl” with my brother for hours in our basement on Quincy street. Man, the amount of cussing and screaming that went on would be enough to embarrass a sailor. Seriously, we were brutal. There were several times that I thought that Satan might pop out of the gaming console and say, “you guys are acting like real DICKS… You are making me feel uncomfortable.” We were that bad. I think that we went through something like 6 controllers… Because that was the cool thing to do when you lost… Throw the controller… it was the controllers fault, not yours.

I am just now (over the last two years) realizing what a DICK move it is to be a sore loser. It is really hard to get over this personality flaw… and I guess that the first step is realizing that you have a problem… Hi, my name is Joe, and I am a sore loser… 11 more steps and I will be safe to play with others.

  1. Holly
    Aug 21, 2005

    Totally know what you mean! My blood used to boil when I couldn’t beat certain levels on Nintendo. I think I used to punch the actual game system though, not throw the controller.
    I would also get really distracted in elementary school because I would just daydream about going home and playing Mike Tyson Punch out, and Super Mario 3.
    Did you ever have a nintendo game called BUBBLE BOBBLE? That was my favorite. It had these cute little dino’s in it. They blew bubbles that captured monsters.

  2. Joe
    Aug 22, 2005

    I did not have “Bubble Bobble”, but I will download it tonight and give it a try… Carrie and I were up half of the night playing “Pipe Dreams”… That is the one were you lay pipe (not in a gross way) to keep the water going. It is sort like Tetris (which I also played last night).

    Man… You used to hit the actual NES console??? You are COLD.

  3. car
    Aug 22, 2005

    hahahahahah! that girl looks like she came off of an episode of Cops: South Florida!

  4. Joe
    Aug 22, 2005

    She needs the “Taser”

  5. Holly
    Aug 23, 2005

    omigod that picture made me pee my pants a little bit.

  6. Staffan
    Aug 24, 2005

    Hey Joe. I know what you mean; I actually bought a used NES (for almost nothing) a few months ago. And I almost couldn’t control my enthusiasm when I started to explore the games I got with it.

    NES was actually what me and my brother spent all out time on from the age of like 11-14 or something. He was actually with me on the phone when I connected if the first time just to listen to the music from Kung-Fu (diti, duditi, duditi, dudililidi…) you know what I am talking about.

    But then I realized that the nostalgia was more about the thing itself than the actual games, I don’t think I have managed to keep the enthusiasm for one set of tennis, or a level of Ice-climber or Super Mario. The games don’t seem to be as fun as they were in 1980s. What went wrong?

    Cool blog!

  7. Staffan
    Aug 24, 2005

    And by the way, have you played Vollyball on the NES?

    What are the players trying to do to the ball when they are holding it?