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What is the deal with MySpace?

I am here to declare myself the only living person that does not get it… Do I really need to have loose acquaintances that I have not talked to in 10 years collecting me for their “friends” list? Why am I all of a sudden important enough in there lives to warrant them wanting to be my “friend”… Sorry, but the whole thing stinks of “this is the least amount of work I can do and still be your ‘friend’. I just want the minimal amount of information about you and to see who your friends are… Don’t call me, because I do not have time to REALLY get to know you!!!”

The concept is good, but I am a bit freaked out by the execution.

(So there you go MySpacers… Let me have it. I am ready)


Pix of our Orlando trip

  1. jamie
    Mar 07, 2006

    joe, i would think you would love this, since i’m pretty sure you and i are both charter members of the “do the least amount of contact possible and still remain friends” club!

    yay myspace!

  2. cgilch
    Mar 08, 2006

    Don’t be a hater. Just don’t.

  3. Mac and Cheese
    Mar 08, 2006

    Joe, you’re looking at this in the wrong context. This isn’t about meaningless friends. It’s about wasting time while you’re at work. And that’s something I think we can all appreciate.