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My apartment is a COMPLETE DISASTER! I have boxes stacked to the ceiling, crap everywhere and complete disarray has swallowed my life… Funny story: Yesterday I woke up, but on my pajamas’s and started pulling stuff out of my closets, tearing apart my desk and doing general packing stuff… Jam called around one and needed to come by and pick something up… I was feeling so lazy that I had her go out and buy me some packaging tape and a frozen pizza… That, my friends, is how you can spend an entire day without leaving the house.

After an entire day of packing I had to do freelance work on a website that I have been working on last night… Needless to say I am excited to get into my new home and take a deep breath.


On a related note: People have begun to ask me for my new address… I do not have the apartment number yet (I forgot), so I will have to get back to all of you later.

I hope to get the keys in the next few days (and start moving my crap in!!!)


I canceled my gym membership since my new place is a pretty decent drive away… I will be getting a membership at a place closer to my new apartment, but that is not helping me to not feel like a fat-ass right now!


In case you missed it, my big sister Carrie, is prego… It is going to be wild to have another crazy kid in the family (no offense to Chally, Maggie and Chloe). With all the girls around I am lobbying the universe for a boy this time around.


Cap and I bought tickets to go to my friend Tim’s wedding in Albuquerque last week… It has been a long time since I flew. Kind of looking forward to it.


Jam did a GREAT review of the Watchmen (I felt the exact same way about it). I am not placing a boycott on everything Watchmen, but I am a bit sad that it was so complicated (no jokes about my intelligence level please). There was NO WAY that they should have tried to fit that much info into that amount of space.

What WAS that thing on Mars? Does Batman know that owl-guy stole his costume? Did they live in a rain forest (it never stopped raining)?

I don’t know anything about the book, but I know that the movie was a bit of a mess… I don’t think I am going to be spending any more of my time on The Watchmen though.


KCBL Standings:

Boilers 3-0
Crawdads 1-2
Falcons 2-4

Owls 2-1
Mudhens 2-1
Fleas 2-4

Tonight’s Games:
Boilers vs. Crawdads
Owls vs. Mudhens

At the completion of tonight’s games we will be halfway through the season.


Open letter to Dick Cheney:

Dear Dick Cheney,

Your a fracking douche.


Joe Hagen