I can’t eat nearly as much as I used to. When I was a teenager I could eat more in one sitting than the entire nation of Ethiopia needs for one year. On several occasions I would go to eat at Applebee’s with my family, and then drive straight to McDonald’s and eat another full meal immediately following (including dessert)… How I am not roughly the size of a large car I will never know.


This could easily be an “Art Wednesday” link… But I already have something for this week and you need to see this site NOW.


Jack has been really cute this week. For some reason he has been particularly fascinated with this long piece of string at Jamie’s house… I know cats typically love to play with string, but he has never been that amazed with the idea in the past… I got him all crazy-eyed yesterday after work… Sometimes I look at the top of his head and wonder what is going on in there… Does he really think that the string is attacking him, or does he know that this is all fun and games?… I like to imagine him entering a different conscienceness as soon as he sees the string dangling in front of his face… Like Jekyll and Hyde.


Thanks again GWB –
From Yahoo news — “For all its numbing ferocity, Hurricane Katrina will not be a unique event, say scientists, who say that global warming appears to be pumping up the power of big Atlantic storms.” Complete Story

Why doesn’t our president make the environment an issue of priority? You would think that someone who talks about a “culture of life” all the freaking time would be more concerned that his policies are making these storms stronger, and therefore killing more people… He needs to stop passing the buck and take some responsibility.

  1. space hater too
    Aug 30, 2005

    let’s send GWB to space.