The arrival back to the midwest from Florida has been very good in many ways… One of the things that I missed without even thinking about it was the nightly chirping of the locusts. I remember listening to their soothing song at bed time as a child, and I remember collecting their disregarded skins… the feeling of pulling one off a tree or fence and inspecting what used to be part of a living thing was incredible.

Being back here… re-experiencing things that I took for granted, and hanging out with my big brother has forced quite a bit of reminiscing back to my childhood. Trying to keep up with him on the walk home from school… Playing one on one tackle football in the front yard till dinner… Attempting to eat more than him at the dinner table… Sitting next to him on the couch… Fighting to stay up for one more show… And knowing that he was in the bottom bunk if Darth Vader were to attack in the middle of the night…

I guess that it was great being the youngest.

I am happy with the person that I am and the person that I will become… But sometimes I get really sad that I can only live the moments of my life only once.

  1. em
    Sep 06, 2006

    Eeeewwww! I hope you didn’t take that picture yourself. And do you notice that you don’t ever see live locusts – (I see dead locusts – said in scary voice). GROSS! and at the same time in your blog – Awwww – what sweet things you said about Jeffy – FU for not saying anything about your wonderful sister in law who gave you a plate of O’Henry bars and fed you most of the weekend! I love you Jobo!