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Awesome “Lost” site… Click on the image in the center of the page.

Johnson will love this one



Cost of War (no “freedom ain’t free” bullshit either)


While I have a minute, I would like to tell you about the best part of all of the freelancing that I have been doing… The GI Joe guys. That’s right, 78 is letting me purchase three guys for each freelance project that I have picked up… That’s six guys to date.

Crazy Dave will be pleased to hear that Recondo, Duke, Chuckles, Tunnel Rat and Shipwreck have all been added to the collection… With two more guys to buy (Chuckles did not count because I bought him for .01), I have my sights set on Flint.

Sometimes it’s tough being this nerdy.

  1. Hank
    Jan 18, 2006

    “Johnny doesn’t smell like a wet dog when he gets rained on!”

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Sweet Sammy
    Jan 18, 2006

    I own Flint… let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed.