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With the Championship of the KCBL approaching this Saturday I thought I would catch you up a bit on the action.

KCBL 2009 Playoffs:
American League:
The Boggstown Boilers (Matt) breezed through the Fogelberg Falcons (me) in 5 games to earn a shot at the title.

National League:
The Merrimack Owls (me) and the McCall Mudhens (Ryan) fought and clawed for 7 games with the Owls squeaking into the Championship.

KCBL 2009 Championship (Best of 7):
Boggstown Boilers (13-4) vs. Merrimack Owls (10-10)

Probable starting pitchers:
Game 1 @ Boggstown – R. Roberts vs. C. Hunter
Game 2 @ Boggstown – C. Hough vs. W. Spahn
Game 3 @ Merrimack – T. Glavine vs. J. Rooker
Game 4 @ Merrimack – C. Hunter vs. R. Roberts
Game 5 @ Merrimack – W. Spahn vs. B. Shantz
Game 6 @ Boggstown – C. Hough vs. T. Glavine
Game 7 @ Boggstown – R. Roberts vs. C. Hunter

Probable starting Lineups:
Boilers –
J. Morgan* – 2B
F. Fain – 1B
T. Williams – LF
G. Brett* – 3B
W. Mays – CF
H. Greenberg – DH
A. Otis* – RF
M. Cochrane – C
E. Joost – SS

Owls –
R. Sandberg* – 2B
T. Cobb* – CF
B. Ruth – LF
J. Foxx – 1B
D. Murphy* – RF
H. Killebrew – 3B
M. Piazza – C
C. Hunter – P or J. Kruk – DH
P. Rose – SS

KCBL 2009 Awards:

American League:
Silver Sluggers:
1B – J. Olerud* (JC)
2B – E. Collins (FF)
3B – G. Brett* (BB)
SS – A. Trammell* (JC)
C – C. Fisk* (FF)
RF – H. Aaron (JC)
CF – M. Mantle (FF)
LF – T. Williams (BB)
DH – E. Martinez* (FF)

G. Brett* (BB)

AL Cy Young:
R. Roberts* (BB)

National League:
Silver Sluggers:
1B – C. Delgado* (WF)
2B – C. Gehringer (MM)
3B – B. Bonilla (MM)
SS – J. Cronin* (WF)
C – M. Sweeney* (WF)
RF – H. Heilman (MM)
CF – B. Hamilton* (MM)
LF – L. Brock* (MM)
P – W. Spahn* (MO)

L. Brock* (MM)

NL Cy Young:
B. Gibson* (MM)

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* – Single season disc

  1. Capn
    May 07, 2009

    What a shame, this is the most comment-worthy post you’ve made in ages, yet no one is stepping up to the plate. I can’t believe people aren’t intrigued by the three potential matchups of Roberts/Hunter!

  2. Joe
    May 07, 2009

    Yeah, I am SHOCKED that there have been NO comments about the fact that the Owls have made it all the way to the Championship with ONLY one Silver Slugger (a pitcher) on their team.

    Maybe it was obvious?

  3. katy
    May 07, 2009

    really? you are doing another one of these?