Here are several things that all of you should do before the end of the year:

1. Switch to Mac if you have not done so yet
2. Play with Lego’s
3. Fix something on your car
4. Watch “March of the Penguins” for the first time or again
5. Take a long walk by yourself in nature while listening to James Taylor’s Greatest Hits
6. Research something
7. Buy your domain name
8. Decide what your favorite zoo animal is and then go and see one
9. Run as fast as you can
10. Get a foot massage


Sometimes I think about the human body and it amazes me. We have all of these strange adaptations that we have developed into something that attracts the opposite sex. Hair on our heads, fingernails, breasts, muscles, eye brows, eye lashes and facial hair to name a few… I would like to meet the cave person that first decided to part their hair to one side and convinced everyone that they were more attractive because of it.


How many times have you laughed and cried at the same time… I do it almost exclusively during good movies.



I have not talked about baseball in a long time…

Playoff hopes/predictions:
Athletics vs Tigers = Athletics
Mets vs Cardinals = Cardinals (this is tough because two of my best buddies teams are playing against each other, but everything in me says to root against NY)

World Series:
Athletics vs Cardinals = Athletics

Now on to the current Cubs situation. Hire Joe Girardi as manager. Trade for, sign or kidnap one of the following players:
Alex Rodriguez
Miguel Tejada
Alfonzo Soriono

As well as sign a good pitcher such as:
Barry Zito
Mike Mussina

CUBS vs ROYALS in the 2008 World Series


Cow with a window???

  1. Sweet Sammy
    Oct 09, 2006

    so who do you pony up for A-Rod?

  2. Joe
    Oct 09, 2006

    Ramirez, Wood, top prospect.

  3. Joe
    Oct 09, 2006

    Oh Yeah… And some peanuts!!!