I just typed the words “Junk n’ stuff” for the title of this entry without even thinking about it… I guess that is the perfect way to describe my life right now…

Happy= The way Steve Martin’s banjo sounds in his new album
Interested= Reading a book
$424= Paid in taxes this year… At least Bush is gone.
Hungry= Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch
Smile= Hearing from Scoot
Sad= My parents are leaving
Confident= This rut is temporary
Satisfied= The actual work at work is getting better
Skeptical= Moving to a smaller cube with no window
Anxious= For Spring
Pathetic= The way I feel when I go home from work and fall asleep
Optimistic= February was “just a phase”
Move= What I should do… back to Kansas… ASAP
Excited= For the next episode of “East Bound & Down”… Funniest show I have seen since Seinfeld.
Dominated= What the Boilers did to the Falcons last Monday night
Dull= Life
Terrible= The kind of dreams that I have been having
Positive= The kind of entry I would like to be writing right now
Clowns= Scared me as a kid, but are okay now
Funny= How I would like to feel again
Great= Frank Turners second album… LOVE that guy!
Sandpaper= The way my face feels
5K= What I should run
Cat= Wish they weren’t so cute… I want one, I don’t want one. I don’t know.
The Nelson Art Museum= Place that I wish I could live… Upstairs.
Solitaire= Game that I am a bit addicted to right now
Dry= Elbows, knuckles, hands
Eternity= How long I could make this list


Worlds ugliest dog!!!!!!!!!


Size of the planets & stars!

  1. Chuck Thornton
    Feb 28, 2009

    What nothing for the 28th? I have enjoyed reading your blog! You make me laugh. Are you in KC? Anyways, I’m visiting soon…and if you are…we should grab a brew.