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So we had to give Jack his first home I.V. tonight… Wow, you have not lived until you have seen a needle the size of Texas (or Skane) stuck into your cat and felt his side balloon up as the liquid streamed into him… Quite an experience.

On tap for the rest of the evening:

– Shove a pill down his throat

– Shoot more medicine down his throat

– Thank God he is alive


I was at the book store today and became fascinated with a book I found about tree houses of the world… This would be my dream come true.

If I had a tree house I would fill it with a pottery wheel, a small medal/wood shop and a sweet-ass computer lab… Oh yeah, and naked pictures of “chicks” because I think that my dad would like that.

  1. ShannonDG
    Dec 06, 2006

    hugs to you guys and jack šŸ™‚

  2. amanda
    Dec 06, 2006

    Hug trees and Jack.