Remeber when I told you that the bastards that stole my Jeep also stole my favorite sunglasses? Well…. I WAS WRONG!!! I found them under the passinger side seat, under the gadgets for the electric seats yesterday… I am so excited that I am thinking of peeing myself just for the principle of the thing.

Check out my original thoughts on these sweet shades here.



Go Linkoping!!!… Hank, keep me updated on the championship run of my favorite hockey club!!!


To my Swedish friends… What do you think about this.

  1. Hank
    Mar 26, 2007

    Ha ha ha! I didn’t even know that we still were in the competition… I havn’t seen anything about it on the tellie (read TV). If I’d seen the ad I would have applied obviously.

    And now to a subject of much more serious character… hockey. Fist of all I must say that I’m really sad that the Pittsburgh Penguins decieded to stay in P-burgh and not to mive to Kansas. That would have been awesome. Second, I am glad to inform you, Joe, that the curse is broken. The team that you deaply care about and root for, Linköping, actually beat the crap out of the last years winner in game three of the semifinals. With 2-1 in games and the next round on home ice, things are looking promising for the team that no one thought would stand a chance on forehand.

  2. jamie
    Mar 27, 2007

    Finding your shades is karmic…the tides are turning your way!