Check out my new Florida license plate. Isn’t it HOT. Florida is actually doing something pretty cool with these plates. Getting the tag is like $25 bucks extra, but the money goes to the food shelters… So I do not feel so bad about never giving the homeless people at the stop lights any money. Plus, It looks really sweet on my Honda… But it’s not about looks, or the John Lennon thing… Actually, I have to tell the truth… It kind of is…If the tag looked stupid, I would not have gotten it. If that makes me a bad, superficial person… Well, okay.

Can you believe Yoko let the state of Florida put that logo on a license plate? Can you believe that I am like the 4th person to get one? Do you think someone is going to steal it? Would someone steal a license plate? Why do I think about shit like that?

This plate symbolizes my history of risk taking and decicive, visionary trend setting. I am always on the cutting edge of society’s borders… Pushing the boundaries of free thought… I am one of the elite… All because of this John Lennon license plate on the back of my slightly damaged 98 Honda Civic… You think any moron could just walk in and get one of these little babies? You think it’s that easy? You have no idea what I went through… I had to ask for it for one thing… Then I had to put it on my car… You think that sounds EASY?


78 gets back today! I worked my ass off cleaning the house last night… I can imagine walking into the apartment with Gilch on my arm, and looking down to see that Jack has coated the entire apartment with a layer of vomit… If that were to happen, this might be my last posting as a free man… You go to jail for torturing and killing cats right?

  1. CC
    Aug 11, 2005

    I’m leaving more often. You were a to-do list master while I was away. Whoa. I’m impressed.

  2. Holly
    Aug 11, 2005

    That liscense plate is awesome and I AM impressed because Florida usually has the lamest plates of any state. That State of the Arts one is so ugly. You know the one I mean?

  3. Joe
    Aug 15, 2005

    I almost got the State of the Arts tag… But it is fugly and would clash with my red car.