om·e·let also om·e·lette (ŏm’ə-lĭt, ŏm’lĭt)
A dish consisting of beaten eggs cooked until set and folded over, often around a filling.

[French omelette, from Old French amlette, alteration of alumette, variant of alumelle, probably from (la) lemelle, (the) knife blade, from Latin lāmella, diminutive of lāmina, thin plate.]

I make the best omelette’s in the world. Last night for example I constructed a modern masterpiece consisting of two different varieties of cheese and sausage yielding a flavor the likes that man has not tasted before. I sometimes can not believe the beauty in front of my eyes when I remove it from the pan… Amazing.

For some reason I just know how to keep the eggs from sticking to the pan and the right amount of time to cook it to keep the eggs from being runny. Oh, and I also know how to provide the proper amount of crispiness to the cheese around the open end. The spatula is my friend… My weapon against runny, shit omelette’s.

This form of food has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I surely have close of twenty years of egg preperation experience under my belt. So, I would guess that I am only going to get better. I can not imagine this, but I would not guess that someones skills would plateau or degress in this area. I hope not.

I have a gift, but having a gift is not enough. My promise to the American & African (Brad Pitt special) people is that I will continue to push the envelope of omelette making technology for the rest of my days.

I am not good at a lot of things, but making omelette’s is one of them.

  1. The Queen
    Jun 08, 2005

    why don’t you ever mention me? Ugh. I’m not even cool enough to make it on your site? Don’t post this…just take it to heart….or to blog

  2. Joe
    Jun 05, 2006


    I promise to teach my Omlette making skills to Harry… My entry about him was in January. Go there.

  3. Joey’s Thoughts » Dinner
    Jan 14, 2007

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