Check out these BOSS-ASS shoes that I got this weekend! Not only are they super awesome, they only cost me $14.00!!!


Here is the thing about Wal-Mart… It sucks… I bought this hot coco thinking that it would actually be full upon opening the freshness seal. I was wrong.


You know what show I really like, “Big Love”.


Plans for the Classic are really starting to shape up. The awards have been ordered, Matt’s apartment has been reorganized and the “welcome” packets are almost complete!

A keg of beer and some food and we are ready for the festivities!

  1. SS
    Jan 27, 2009

    Hellz yeah!

    I’ve been holding a lot of meetings with Medwick, Carter, Seaver and Schmidt to determine draft strategy and Schimdt’s been taking BP from Koufax and Seaver all week to get in shape.

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