Do you ever wonder if you are still cool? How often do you ponder this question?

I usually do this in front of the mirror (obviously). Most typically before or after my nighttime shower. There is something about looking at myself naked that makes me ask the question “Do you look like a dork to other people? Why is the back of my head so flat?”… As I flex my stomach (suck it in) I say to myself “yeah… Of corse… yeah” trying to sound convincing to myself.

I would guess that it is pretty good to only ask this question to myself once a day. People everywhere are asking themselves the question as you read this. It always pops into my head when I see video of myself, especially when I am talking. Why does the sound of my own voice equal fingernails on a chalkboard in my head? Hmmmm… Does this happen to Patrick Steward (the Start Trek captain, who does a lot of voiceover work)? Does Brad Pitt think that his hair gets flat on top in two hour increments? I hope so.

I miss the time of my life when I could be cool just by owning something. I could go buy new shoes and I was instantly “cool”. The fact that I have new sunglasses (even though I would like to think the opposite) does not REALLY make me any cooler that I was the day before. DAMN. I was one of the first people in my high school class who could drive… This made me cool. Now everyone can drive. I was one of the only people in my high school who had a pool… this made me cool. My parents sold their house. DAMN. It seems like I am loosing my “coolness” edge. I am screwed on the coolness scale if I am forced to rely on my PERSONALITY.

The good news is that coolness is not everything. I am high on the “nice” and “fun” scales, and I do not smell bad. This has to count for something. YEAH!

Anyway, below you will find some funny sites. Do you think I am cool for hoping you will laugh at them? (“yeah… Of corse… yeah” trying to sound convincing to myself.)

Fun links:
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