So here is a short video of our Jewish friend, Shawn (who was in town for the weekend), playing music in front of the Christmas lights hanging in my window (haha)… I think that being Jewish would be pretty cool, except for the no Christmas thing… I do like the idea of being Kosher though. I will keep you updated on my conversion.

Shawn was a really good sport when I took out my Kenny Rogers Christmas album and played it for dinner music. Anyway, the video is VERY dark and romantic. HOT.

Check out Sean’s website is you have a second.


So Jack was sick this weekend… Not normal sick, but “he is not going to come home from the vet” sick.

I can write about this now because he is home and seemingly ok for the time being (the next few days and weeks will tell). He comes with a bag of IV fluid, several daily medications, a hefty vet bill, a shaved paw… and a deep breath of relief.

Having a sick animal and doing everything to save his life is not something I would expect everyone to understand… I used to be one of those people who used to say “they give cats away for free down on the corner… why would you spend money to save ones life” … I was such an asshole.

It was wonderful to see my friend when I got home this evening. I missed him very deeply. I actually have a really gushy entry about this… Maybe I will post it someday.


I am going to try to make it to Crown Center this weekend to go ice skating for the first time in my life… I might just choose to stay on the couch with a quilt, a movie and the cat though.

Shit, I am talking about the weekend and it is only Monday. I am screwed.


I was thinking about my Swedish peeps while I was running today. I decided that you should all move to KC… Don’t worry, immigration is a breeze.