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Facebook comments test: I just installed a new plugin for the site that allows you to comment using your Facebook login… I am thinking about using in on some of the sites that I oversee… Please comment on something below and let me know if you think it sucks.

Topics to comment on:

• Thanksgiving went from my lease favorite holiday to my most favorite.

• I now eat salads, Thai food and love salsa

• I am now a beer snob with my favorites being Wheat, IPA’s and Reds; After going on the Boulevard tour about a year and a half ago, and watching a documentary called “Beer Wars” I seldom ever drink large-scale produced beers… I am one of ‘those’ guys now.

• Instagram is a photo sharing app for the iPhone. I LOVE IT.

• I am combating the rapid loss of my hair by taking many different vitamins. These vitamins include: Iron, Fish Oil, Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.

• I still hate the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ and will NEVER watch it.

• The return of my parents in November has me feeling the pinch of getting some projects done around the house… I just love hearing my Mom tell me how awesome I am.

• I wear a collared shirt almost everyday… and a blazer on days that are colder than 60 degrees.

• I recently won a championship at Cadaco All-Star nerd baseball. I make no secret of the nerdiness or the joy that I get from playing the game.

• I now go to bed extremely early… but I wake up extremely early

• Breakfast is now my favorite meal of the day, and I drink coffee every morning.

• I would like to start smoking a pipe.