Way to go all you Mothers out there and especially to my sweet Linda. I love you Mommy!


Now here are some pictures of me getting drunk at Jeff’s house last night… I have been looking for a 40oz beer for a long time and I said that when I found one, I would buy it and drink it. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


I made a list of entries that I wanted to write about a year ago… I have not gotten to them, so here is the list that I brainstormed.

Jamie BBQ sauce
Director Chairs
Ethiopia Jokes
First kiss
Creative Zone
Trailer Home
All places I have lived
Writing, Journalism
The thing in my kitchen
Re-love of shues
Fireplace/cut wood with Dad
KU living
Dry off in the shower
Halloween costume list
Johnny Cash
Last Star Fighter
Mork & Mindy
The dog next door
Fav president
Fav money (bill)
Pillow Cases
RAVE jacket
“best” as an email signoff
Home Phone Stupid
Airborne Ranger
Blisters on my feet


Claire from “LOST” is on my list… I love her like I used to love Blair from “The Fact of Life”

  1. Sofia
    May 15, 2007

    Look at her arms! Look at her muscles! She would easily take you in a wrestling-match. Is that what you like?

    I have have now officially abandonded Jack. It is now all about Sawyer. He´s a bit of a bad-ass, but deep down he is just a sad boy… And he is good looking…

  2. Joe
    May 15, 2007

    There is nothing wrong with a woman that can wrestle… She is freaking HOT! … Look at that bone structure! Her accent get me too.

    Sawyer = S.T.D.