Well, our little orange face is still alive and kicking it… He came through surgery ok and is still at the vet. The doctor removed what I call “something”, and sent it to the lab. We should have a clearer picture of how long he is going to make it when the results get back (early next week)… He could have a few days, or 10 years. We don’t know.

The good news is that either way, we are going to get to bring him home in the next few days… Oh, and he got a really cool Mohawk hair-cut on his body so that they could do their work. He looks really intimidating.

We are now in the process of figuring out how we can take him home for the holidays. The thought of him alone and recovering in Florida for the holidays is heartbreaking… So the little shit is going to get a first-class trip home on Carrie’s lap.

I hope that the hard part is behind us… It has been really hard to stay strong through all of this… 78 has been amazingly strong and sad at the same time… and I have felt like I am going to throw-up every time the phone rings.

Can’t wait to have my friend home again.

  1. Joe
    Jun 05, 2006


    Jack is alive and kickin’ it (being the little baby satan we all know and love)… On his best friends BLOG (Gilch), you will find a funny picture of me on May 11… I love those Spangler girls.