So apparently my cries of outrage have been heard by the residents of South Florida… I am currently watching these two old dudes install holiday lighting on the palm trees located outside my work building… This one old dude is so old in fact, that lifting the ladder from one tree to the next is quite a daunting task. I think that it had almost crushed him twice… Anyway, I am looking forward to the sun going down so I can enjoy the lighting show.


This one goes out to all the gentlemen out there… It’s time again to start getting the Christmas gift ideas together. That’s right, you as a man, might feel that the lady in your life will do this work for you… and indeed, if you are anything like me, she will do the majority of the work for you… So the short of it is, there is a lot of pressure on you to get her something (or make her something) that will make her forget all of the hell that she has gone through during this hectic holiday shopping season.

I myself have been rockin’ it with 78 for over ten years now… I wish that I would not have blown all of the good/sensitive gifts in the first five years… So the bar is set pretty high, and I have used up several of the better ideas already… But that does not mean that you can not use them on your girlfriend, mother or sister.

Past gifts::
— CD – Obvious, but always a strong contender… The MP3 has undervalued this one.

— Coupon book – give her a coupon book that say things like “free kiss”, “night out”

— Calendar – People like to see pictures of the past year.

— Classic toy – Ebay is good for this. Easy Bake oven, Barbie, video game, doll, etc…

— Jewelry – Make her a necklace

— Puzzle – Have a picture mounted on foam core and cut it into a puzzle… How fun.

— Paint something – Craft stores have all sorts of wooden stuff that you can hand paint.

— DVD slideshow – You have the digital pictures, now do something with them.

— Poster – Have Kinko’s print an oversize (poster) of your favorite picture. Write something nice on the back.

— Picture frame – take some pictures or something that inspires you (buildings, sky, flowers) and mount them in a picture frame that you painted/manipulated. Write something on the back.

Ok… So I am not saying that these are the most sensitive/amazing gifts in the world, but they were pretty well received and I had a good time creating them… I am sure that with the amount of sensitive guys reading this, you have all done much more amazing things… Don’t tell me about them, because I am planning something, and if you have already done it, it will be ruined.

That was option #1… Option #2 is to be a typical prick “man” and do nothing and buy her some piece of shit that she will forget about the day after Christmas.