– Murphy is back to wearing her sweater… The girl scout that I bought a couple of boxes of cookies from thought it was pretty cute.

– Cubs seem to be on the right track with Theo as the new boss… The Cards winning it this year has given me hope that even an average team can win a title; so maybe???

– Watching some classic TV. Cheers is the second funniest show of all time.

– Soooo many leaves.

– I re-watched the end of Star Wars EP2… It’s a TERRIBLE movie. I think Natalie Portman’s hotness hypnotized me the first 4 times I watched it.

– Speaking of Nat Portman … I watched Black Swan last week. I loved it. Beautiful, strange and thought provoking.

– Work is going well … MyMajors is killing it, and we just launched a new version of KC Studio (designed and build by me :)) http://www.kcstudio.org

– Think I’m ready for Christmas

– Ready for snow

– I am reading a lot of Avengers comic books on the iPad.

– Trick-or-treat was (again) a bust. The doorbell rang 2 times … TRUNK-OR-TREAT SUCKS and is killing a great holiday.

– Freelance is really picking up! I should be BUSY till the end of the year.

– It’s kind of nice that I have whittled down the viewership of this blog. I kind of feel like I could have fun with it again!

– Puppets are creepy.

– I think I might need to buy a heater for the TV room… No insulation in the walls makes for a chilly time!